Dunnolly is situated in the South Island of New Zealand:


The Waipara Valley is a captivating place and relatively new wine growing region in New Zealand.  The wines emerging from Waipara are unique and exquisite. 

The terroir of our vineyard and region makes our wines special and interesting.  The Dunnolly vineyard has been planted on predominantly limestone clay soils giving the wines texture and depth.  The diurnal temperature change in the summer gives the Pinot Noir ripe complexity and intensity on the palate.  The vines are well balanced, with low cropping levels giving our wines power and concentration edged with a feminine touch.

Dunnolly Estate only grows Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  In 2016 Dunnolly Estate Wines diversified and purchased Pinot Gris fruit from local growers and then in 2017, we purchased a very special Sauvignon Blanc from a small Marlborough block.

Now with the skills of our own Winemaker, Nicky Parish we are able to demonstrate the quality of our wines and ability to diversify our range of wines. 


Our Pinot Noir

Dunnolly Estate has two different clones planted on the property.  The first clone planted in the main block is Clone 10/5 and the 2nd clone planted is 777.  

Clone 10/5 is known for its larger tannin, more bold flavour and palate weight which compliments the 777 Clone that has a more feminine palate weight and primary fruit dominated the nose.  

The first wine launched in the Dunnolly Estate range was made entirely from our Clone 777 in 2010.  Each year only the top fruit make the Dunnolly Estate Pinot Noir Range.


Our Chardonnay

Clone 6 Chardonnay was selected by Matt when Dunnolly Estate was being established.  This was traditionally a bubbly base clone, but it quickly became apparent to winemakers Nicky and Matt that these vines produced sensational "Chablis" type fruit that was textured with minerality on the nose.  

The Chardonnay was planted in the Main Block as part of the original 72 Rows. The Chardonnay is handpicked each vintage with only the premium making the Dunnolly Estate Chardonnay Range.