For the love of Pinot Noir

International Pinot Noir Day on 18th August 2019 is the perfect day to celebrate NZ's top red wine variety.

Dunnolly Estate was an early Pioneer in Waipara Valley.  In 1995 – Waipara wasn’t even

What would your pairing be?

I hope everyone is doing well. I cannot believe it is August already! It’s a busy time for Dad & I at the moment, we are getting wines like the...

Meet Peter

Father, tractor driver, pruner, financier, weekly golfer and all-round hard grafter.

Peter was born and raised in Christchurch. Migrating to Wellington in his early twenties, Peter found love, married Felicity and started a family...


Winter is an amazing time for us in North Canterbury, The day's are cold, starting with a heavy frost but then it is usually followed up by beautiful blue sky clear days and load of sunshine. 

Elegantly expressed on the nose...

...showing spiced cherry, plum, dark mushroom, nutmeg and game characters, followed by a nicely rounded palate that is juicy and silky."

July brings the sheep

July brings the sheep into the vineyard where they will happily stay for another month - they are very useful and inexpensive lawnmowers!

Dunnolly 2018 Pinot Gris

This is an attractive wine with aromas of ripe juicy Gala Apples and Nashi Pear. This is an off-dry style with freshly picked stone fruit and notes 

An Introduction to the North Canterbury Wine Region

The Canterbury wine region spans nearly 200km of the South Island’s eastern coastline, with the magnificent Alps to the west and the sweeping Pacific Ocean to the east...

Harvest is just around the corner

Ramping up to Vintage 2019... 
It is that time of the year again. Christmas is a distant memory and now fast approaching is that marvelous time of the year - Vintage! 

The coolest little wine festival

We are looking forward to sharing our wines at the North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival this Sunday. Please make sure to stop by and meet our family...

January 2019 - An update for our Angels

We are proud to share our wines with a fabulous bunch of people around the world with - a customer funded wine business that has helped shape our wines. Here is an update we recently shared with our Angels...


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