Our first 2018 Pinot Noir review from USA

Just last month we were delighted to release our 2018 Dunnolly Pinot Noir to our Naked Wine Angels in the USA. 

Our first review for this new vintage was received with 5 hearts"

"OMG! This wine is Wonderful! I just got my wine case delivery, which is always super exciting. I stepped up this month with slightly more expensive wines "well, expensive for my school teacher budget." Dunnolly was my first bottle to try. So far it's the best I've had all year from this wine club--and that's saying a lot, because I've had several delicious pours! This Pinot Noir was perfect for me: delicate balance, crisp clean finish. I don't like my Pinot Noir too hearty or heavy (or thick tasting) and this one fit the bill for me. Light but still full of flavor with a very clean finish. (Some wines you like so much you selfishly don't want to share!) I haven't tried the other bottles yet in my case but this one makes me wish I would have ordered the whole case of just Dunnolly! Cheers!!" 


Dunnolly Estate Pinot Noir