Barrel Orders

It’s that time of the year again. Budburst has happened and we are a few weeks away from flowering. At this time of the year winemakers will be now starting to think about the new season fast approaching. Oct & Nov traditionally in the Southern hemisphere is when we place our barrel orders for filling in April the following year.

At Dunnolly we use a range of coopers, we have our favourite’s but we also like to test a new barrel from time to time. Barrels are really expensive so choosing the right barrel is critical.  

My particular favourites are from coopers such as Taransaud, Boutes & Saury. We only purchase French oak, this is because they’re more traditionally suited to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay winemaking. We try to use oak that sits nicely within a wine not overtakes or distracts from the wine. Toasting is traditionally Medium or Light, as Medium Plus or Heavy toasting will impact too much on the tannin structure and aromatics. We like our wines to be just a little bit feminine.  

The cool thing about fermenting our Chardonnay is barrel is that we get to test loads of different yeast strains – commercial and wild. This gives our wines it diversity and also helps the fruit shine. Every year we purchase more and more new oak, giving me a lot of opportunity to try the latest or trending Chardonnay yeasts.


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